Professional Oven Cleaning

at e.l.k we offer commercial and residential oven cleaning on and off site.

What we can clean:

  • Ovens (Any)
  • Hobs (Any)
  • Extractors / Filters / Cooker hoods
  • All racks and trays


  • Student Accommodation
  • Hotels
  • Premium Holiday Lets

For student accommodation we use professional oven cleaning vans parked outside the property. All removable trays , racks and parts are removed and cleaned inside our specialist vans to be in line with current UK and EU regulations. All harsh chemicals and odours are removed, rinsed, dried , wiped in full before returning the parts back to the oven inside the student accommodation and relocating and configuring. The rest of the oven / hob / parts that cannot be removed will be cleaned in situ with relevant bio / proven lemon/ vinegar based products usually to an extremely high standard.(The last thing you want are strong commercial cleaning products inside your student accommodation which would cause the students to complain (rightly so) , or contract allergies or headaches or nausea.)

We offer professional oven cleaning services.

We adhere to current EU regulations.